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In our food line currently we stock for dogs and cats:
  • Artemis – dry food for dogs and cats – human grade protein, vegetables and no corn or wheat
  • Ziwi Peak – the semi moist range from New Zealand
  • Big Dog All Natural Aussie BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet for dogs and cats
  • Sassy Treat – the premium cooked food range with protein, vegetables, carbohydrate – the complete meal in one serve
  • Nutro Natural Choice – simple recipe for superior nutrition, aste and performance 
  • Hills Science Diet – a full range of dry food for dogs and cats
  • My dog – trays for dogs including kangaroo fillet, succulent lamb, country beef and the very popular tinned food range for cats
  • Eukanuba – a favourite of many – but we only stock the dog range
  • Royal Canin – cats just love it! dry and pouches - and we also stock the dog dry range too
  • Raw Kangaroo chunks – our own specially sourced range of fresh kangaroo in chunks or mince
  • Cat Feast and Fishy Cat Feast – minced Kangaroo, rabbit and brawn, or Kangaroo, rabbit and sardine – real winners!


Healthy Treats are a wonderful extra food item not only for training but for that extra reward for just being a great friend! Always remember to consider the calorie intake of treats in the total daily consumption so that you are not overfeeding your dog or cat.

We have many healthy treats. Some of the current brands on offer are:
  • Fit 'n' Flash – including dried lamb, chicken, kangaroo and fishy
  • Black Dog – All natural dog treats
  • Eukanuba – Healthy Extras
  • Natures Gift – Motivators, Delectables and more
  • Chew Chew – bonito flakes
  • Duke's – Chicken Breast
  • Greenies – Feline and Canine
  • Naturalicious – range of dried treats
Our own sourced – All Australian – Naturally dried and packaged dried treats

Pet Health

A large range of flea, worming, tick and heart treatments are available. Advocate, Advantage, Revolution, Frontline Plus, Advantix, Heartguard, Capstar, Drontal etc.


We stock a wide range of beds from Fuzzyard, Snooza, Bono Fido, Puppia and other speciality providers….. We would love you to come and see the full range.


Toys, toys, toys…… a changing range for fun, stimulation, chewing – all sorts for young and old.


We also stock an interesting range of collars, leads, gift items, bowls, water fountains, accessories and beautiful clothing for all seasons.

We stock Puppia, Miyow & Barkley, Eccentric Paws, Hamish McBeth, DoggieJama, FairDinkum Oilskins, Rogz, Snooza, Fuzzyard and always looking for more.